Thursday, February 28, 2013

Evgeny Kiselev

This artist is a bit difficult to describe as I could find almost nothing on his background. I do know that he was born in a town called Bblterpa in 1978. He used to be an art director but eventually he simply enjoyed making vector art. His pieces got very popular and eventually he one the Stellar Art Award. He works for companies like Microsoft, Nike, etc. making designs for them but it is his freelance work that truly entices me.

                                                                                          Furycane, Evgeny Kiselev

His style to me is wild and and leaves lots of room for interpretation. Most of them appear abstract in one way or another and it is impossible to say what is going on. What caught my eye in particular is the piece below entitled 'free flows'. I have no information on this piece other than what I can absorb with my own eyes but I find it fascinating. The mixture of colors is beautiful and allows your eyes to wander around the piece with ease. It is the colors in every piece of his which I would attribute his strength to. He uses colors in a way that reminds me of Kandinsky by simply using odd shapes and patterns it allows the mind to project its own emotions on to the piece while also absorbing those possibly intended to be observed.

                                                                                              Yaro, Evgeny Kiselev

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