Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Veerle Pieters

In this age of digital media artists have sprouted up from all over the world to participate in the games of  web design. Many of the most popular web designers are from northern European countries like Sweden and Denmark, which can claim credit to dozens of popular web designers. Veerle Pieters is no exception to this trend. Veerle is from an area near Bruges and was brought up ambidextrous  She began  like most web designers, creating logos and art until she made a switch to website design in the mid 90's. She has since then integrated her personal style and passions into web design.

The truth of the matter is that there is not much that Veerle does not do. Her work has had her designing websites for multiple companies as well as numerous graphic designs including art for LTE international airways. Her opus magnum is her website http://www.duoh.com/  which includes her and her colleagues designs and ideas for designs. It is presented in english but retains much of Veerle's Belgian roots. The colors all compliment each other very well and her layouts are smooth despite their rectangular forms.There is an ease that comes with navigating the site as it interacts with your mouse to provide further information on the sections of which you scroll over. Personally, I find that the art and designs she uses are similar to those that the Barbie company uses. It's very youthful and a little too plush for taste. However, northern European culture is fond of the style and she integrates her art very well.

Website designing is an art and a necessity. This artist allows her creativity and her profession as a web designer to merge with few flaws. Despite her sites traditional framework Veerle demonstrates an organized control of color and layout design that gives her work a beautiful composition.

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